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Become your own bank.

BTCPay Server is an open source software that allows merchants and users to create and manage their own cryptocurrency payment server.

Our BTCPay Server is continuously monitored 24/7/365 to ensure maximum availability for our users. By providing a reliable and secure payment infrastructure, we give them the ability to expand their payment offerings and adapt to changes in the online payment industry.

Shared server

Using a Vigilantia BTCPay Server allows you to benefit from a reliable and secure cryptocurrency payment system without having to manage the installation and configuration of the software yourself. By using the Vigilantia payment server, you benefit from a quality infrastructure that is constantly monitored to ensure maximum availability for your users.

With a shared BTCPay Server, you can easily integrate cryptocurrency payments into your website, app or point of sale (PoS) by using suitable extensions to your e-commerce platform or by setting up a physical payment terminal. You can also get support in setting up and using your payment server to make sure everything is running smoothly.

By using a shared BTCPay Server, you can expand your payment offering and adapt to changes in the online payment industry, while benefiting from a quality infrastructure managed by professionals. Please contact us for more information on the different BTCPay Server options we offer.

dedicated server

Our dedicated BTCPay Server offering gives you a fully customized cryptocurrency payment system tailored to your needs. With this offer, you have full control over your data and can configure your payment server according to your preferences.

The offer includes the installation of the BTCPay Server software on your server, as well as its hosting and continuous monitoring to ensure maximum availability. You can choose between cloud hosting in our infrastructure or self-hosting, which allows you to physically have your payment server and minimize the intermediaries between your users and the blockchain.

This solution is particularly suitable for companies or application developers who intend to do volume and need a flexible and customizable payment infrastructure. Please contact us for more information on the different dedicated BTCPay Server options we offer.

What are Vigilantia’s crypto projects?

Vigilantia works on many projects around cryptocurrency.


Discover here the areas we are working on.

Monitoring solution

+ Details

Grafana / Prometheus interactive dashboard specific to ASICS mining

IoT Mining

+ Details

Raspberry box with sensors for mining units

Mining specific ERP

+ Details

Dolibarr customized for the crypto mining industry

Bitcoin Payment Server

+ Details

Bitcoin payment server: register and start cashing bitcoins directly without intermediaries.

Masternodes Proof of Stake

+ Details

We deploy and host Proof of Stake masternodes for our customers

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