Host your data at Vigilantia Cloud using open-source and compliant solutions. Remain the owner of your corporate data.


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Are your files, documents, images, videos stored at Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Apple’s iCloud? Do you need a secure and affordable cloud storage solution without compromising on your data.

Vigilantia Cloud offers you to provide your own online storage service. We can install our solution locally, or on one of our servers hosted in a datacenter. This way, you won’t have to worry about back-up and monitoring, because we manage everything and provide support and updates.

At a time when data centralization is becoming a real problem with 5 giants owning the vast majority of the world’s files, Vigilantia Cloud allows you to regain control over your data.


Nextcloud on site

Nextcloud on VPS

Back-up included

Monitoring 24/7



Take back control of your data

Data hosting solution based on the open-source Nextcloud protocol, the most popular self-hosted collaboration solution. Used by tens of millions of users in thousands of businesses and organizations around the globe.

– Easily access your data from anywhere.

– Integration with your infrastructure

– Powerful access control system

– Made by humans for humans

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