B2B IT Services

Need an innovative IT solution for your company?

Vigilantia helps you deploy solutions in your company that allow you to fully exploit your data.

Cloud & analytics solutions

Take back control of your data

Do you use Salesforce, Dropbox, Gmail or Google Analytics?

Vigilantia helps its partners benefit from open-source, independent and complete solutions. We have selected free, powerful and privacy-friendly technologies.


Vigilantia Cloud

With our open-source solution, you have full control over your data. Work collaboratively as a team and from multiple devices on documents stored in a cloud that belongs to you, without technical constraints thanks to our Vigilantia Cloud formula.

No shared files with a digital giant, or data transfer to a server on the other side of the Atlantic with our solution.



Vigilantia Analytics

Take back control with Vigilantia Analytics, a powerful web analytics platform that gives you and your business 100% data ownership and user privacy.

No sharing of your website traffic with Google in exchange for its Analytics service.

Reassure your prospects with a data processing done internally and in accordance with the regulations in force.


Vigilantia Hosting

Trust Vigilantia Hosting to host your services.

Power your business from our 24/7 monitored, high-powered servers.

Don’t worry about the back-up and let Vigilantia manage the hosting of your Cloud, Web, ERP and other services.


Vigilantia VPN

Secure your corporate network using our VPN solutions.

Server/client installation of the latest VPN and technologies.

Bullet-proof traffic monitoring and service guarantee.

24/7 support and constant monitoring.

OpenVPN / Wireguard / Ikev2 / Shadowsocks and others



Free for free men

We deploy open source and independent technologies for our customers so that they benefit from secure and up-to-date platforms.


Popular with its tens of millions of users, Nextcloud offers a private cloud and file hosting solution. The solution is placed under a free license and is deployed by our teams. Data hosting is done without using a third party provider, on servers provided by Vigilantia.

Let your company benefit from a collaborative work tool


Vigilantia Analytics uses Matomo open-source technology, an open-source analytics platform that provides consistent and reliable information about user behavior. The data and information collected by Matomo is 100% owned and controlled by the company. This ensures compliance with privacy laws and regulations. Üused by over a million websites worldwide, including large corporations, small and medium sized businesses, governments and NGOs.

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