Digital solutions for human problems.

Data protection and compliance of your digital tools.

Based in Metz, Vigilantia supports entrepreneurs and SMEs in the Grand-Est region and the Benelux to succeed in their digital transformation and to use their data in an optimal and compliant manner.

Internet presence

Deploy your business on the Net with Vigilantia.

Entrust the creation and hosting of your Web site and benefit from a turnkey service.

Cyber security audit

Our expertise in cybersecurity and risk management allows us to establish a security audit of your website.

Contact us for a free consultation on this subject.

Cloud solutions

Host your data safe from Google, Dropbox and other curious parties that analyze your company’s data for resale.

Our Nextcloud solution allows you to work in a collaborative way while respecting the regulations.


We are working on several projects related to the Blockchain.

Advice and help in setting up a Bitcoin mining farm. 

BTCPayserver: accept cryptocurrencies in your business or on your website.





Vigilantia is specialized in VPN server/client implementation.

 Our VPN solutions use the most reliable protocols in terms of encryption and obfuscation to allow you to unblock your connection.

Vigilantia Hosting

Let us host your Internet services.

In shared hosting on our Vigilantia servers and benefit from our 24/7 monitoring.

Web Agency

B2B IT Solutions

Succeed in your digital transformation with Vigilantia.

We support your company with our solutions:

  • WordPress
  • Cloud
  • ERP Dolibarr
  • VPN privé
  • BTCPayserver

Vigilantia helps you regain control of your data with innovative solutions.


Articles and tutorials

Vigilantia comes from Latin. The definition we have chosen is “attentive surveillance”.

Perfect to define our watch on the web. So we write from time to time some articles and tutorials to share with you what we find interesting.

Below you will find articles about


Digital transformation

Vigilantia helps managers of small and medium-sized businesses and associations to succeed in their digital transformation.

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